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wolfangelgirl asked:

Hiiii. My name is Jessica, or Snowfire (meh wolf name!) But you can call me either or just Jess haha. Well anways, I'm kind of a lone wolf in my town and am just looking for other wolves around places haha. Love your blog and hope to talk to you soon!!!

Wow, it’s been a long time..

I’m really sorry.

Hai Snowfire, my names Husker.

Yeah, I live in Washington, but right now I am visiting San Diego.

Thank you, my blog is a work in progress though, even know I have had this account for a while, I still don’t know how it fully works.

Anyways, now it’s my turn to say, I hope I hear from you soon. :3

This is my Wolfie Blackheart appreciation video i made some time ago, but i still love it. :3 Hope you wolves like it as much as i do!!

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